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Going Bohemian in Vama Veche

Most, if not all of my travels are active. I don’t have holidays where I rest, because I always seek to go in a new place, see and walk as much as possible, visit as many museums, go from place to place, try to understand the past, present and future of that place, take pictures, eat traditional food and talk to the locals. If, during my travels, at the end of a day I am not deadly tired, then it has not been a good enough day. Jokes left aside, I consider myself an active traveller, not the sort of tourist that in the summertime just goes to a resort to sleep, lie on a lounge chair and get tanned, eat tones of food from the all-inclusive hotel and return home the same person as before (only fatter and with darker skin).

This June, though, I experienced something different from any of the two situation described above. Together with a handful of fellow travel bloggers, I went to Vama Veche, a Romanian seaside resort on the shore of the Black Sea, close to the border with Bulgaria,┬áto take part in the opening of a beach bar & hostel. I say it was different not because the trip didn’t include active moments (oh, it had, and I will write all about them in a future post), but because our destination was one of the few (if not the only) Romanian summer resorts I had avoided for all my life. Commonly known as a place for students, backpackers and hippies, I never felt to fit in there…until now. Continue reading

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Top 5 Most Underrated Tourist Attractions in Barcelona

Hundreds of tons of ink have flown and many more keyboard keys have been pressed by people all around the world trying to describe the beauties of Barcelona. By simply searching the name of the city in Google, you get almost a billion results and this says a lot about the popularity of this magnificent city. Though at the beginning, when I first thought about writing a post on Barcelona, I was toying with the idea of focusing on the most visited attractions the city has to offer, I changed my mind. Why not give my readers the chance to discover some less known tourist attractions? Of course you won’t go to see them if you stay 2-3 days in Barcelona. You probably won’t go to see them if you’re staying 2 weeks either! But if you’re in the capital of Catalonia for a longer period or if you go there regularly, here’s a top 5 most underrated tourist attractions that I consider are worth the visit: Continue reading

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