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Covasna – The Town of 1,000 Mineral Springs

Situated in the heart of the Carpathians, only one hour by car from Brașov, Covasna is an atypical Romanian town and a popular health spa resort. I say it’s atypical because it is inhabited mostly by Szekely Hungarians, which gives the town a somewhat exotic atmosphere even for the Romanian tourists, such as myself. But even if you are Romanian, Szekely or something else, you will definitely enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of the surrounding mountains while taking advantage of the properties of its mineral waters.

Covasna is very popular for its mineral springs, which even give it its name. Cvaz, from which Covasna is derived, is a Slavic word meaning sour, and you will understand the connection once you get to taste the waters rich in carbon dioxide, sulfur and ammonia.  Apart from the waters, Covasna is famous for its mofettes, volcanic discharges consisting chiefly of carbon dioxide, used for therapeutic purposes. If you suffer from cardiovascular affections, arterial hypertension, erectile dysfunction or other affections of your skin, digestive apparatus or kidneys, in Covasna you will find many hospitals and treatment centres offering medical services. Continue reading

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