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A Passion for Stairs (Part I)

Looking back through some old photos from my travels around Europe, I realized I had a bunch of pics of, on or in front of different types of staircases, be them indoor or outdoor, famous or unknown, straight or round, spiral or circular (helical). I found over 20 such images, which I decided to share with you just to check if I’m the only traveller with an obsession for stairs or not. Here are the first 5, according to my personal top:

1. Spiral stairs inside the Vatican Museum, designed by a famous Italian architect and engineer, Giuseppe Momo, in 1932. The staircase is shaped like a double helix: it contains two intertwined spirals, one of which leads down, while the other goes upwards.

Spiral stairs inside the Vatican Museum - view from above

View from above

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Why Scandinavians looked like aliens to a Eastern European like me

One year ago I was visiting my friend Rudy in Stockholm, the northernmost point in Europe I’ve been to date. It struck me from the first minutes there that not only the weather, the infrastructure or the architecture will leave the biggest mark upon me, as I would have expected, but rather the people, their way of being and the things I later found out they believe in.



 The first thing you notice – the obvious one – is the physical aspect. For some, it is the blond hair, fair skin and blue eyes that awe them; instead, I was electrified by their big smiles and happy faces. While my nose was freezing underneath my thick scarf, their faces seemed to radiate warmth and friendliness. It made me feel secure, in a way in which a traveller is rarely accustomed to feel, especially when that traveller is a girl who wanders by alone. Continue reading

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