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Happy National Day, Romania and Romanians!

As you could probably understand from the title of this article, December 1st is the National Day of Romania, the country where I was born and where I live. Though this holiday was set after the 1989 Revolution, it actually talks about a major event that affected the course of my country’s history 95 ago. On December 1st, we celebrate the unification in 1918 of the regions of Transylvania, Banat, CriČ™ana and MaramureČ™ with Romania. The Great Union was enacted by the coronation, 4 years later, of King Ferdinand and Queen Marie in the city of Alba Iulia, the same city where the National Assembly had declared the Union in 1918.

Below is a map of how the Kingdom of Romania – also known as Greater Romania – looked like in 1918, after the Union. Today it lacks Bessarabia and the southern part of Dobruja.

Map of Greater Romania in 1918

Map of Greater Romania in 1918

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