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Home is where you feel you belong

There’s this saying “Home is where your heart is.” that I never managed to grasp completely. Maybe because my heart is here, there and in many places, because pieces of it live in family and friends, people who are close and in others who are far and away, or maybe just because it’s torn between places I’m in, have been or long to go to. Allow me to say that home is where I feel I belong! The feeling of belonging is no mathematics, so no precise equation can give the final answer – you belong here 100%, but rather is a mix of heart and gut feelings. For me, home is and has been that small Romanian city I grew up in, I know and I live in, the one I take pride in, on whose streets I feel like in my backyard, whose people I understand and relate to in more than one way, where my family and most of my friends are and where every stone and corner triggers a memory. The city I leave very often and that seems even more beautiful every time I return! It’s called Craiova and I invite you to a photo tour (by yours truly) through this lovely city! I’ll save the explanations for when you’re visiting it in person. 🙂

I love Craiova!

I love Craiova!

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