I’m Dana (short for Daniela, from Alexandra-Daniela Ilie), internetoholic and travel enthusiast ready to conquer the world.

Born on December 3rd 1987 – a very disciplined Sagittarius – in Craiova, Romania.

Travelling around my home country and discovering its gems since I was 1.

First time I left the country was in 2006 and since then I use my parents’ home more like a base to which I keep returning from my travels.

In love with Barcelona, my home for one year during my Erasmus scholarship (2007-2008).

Big fan of Istanbul, where I lived for one month in 2009 during an AIESEC eXchange internship.

Between 2010 and the present, I have been to 19 20 21 22 23 29 countries in Europe between England to the West and Turkey to the East, Sweden to the North and Greece to the South. And I aim to enlarge the map!

I have been recording my travelling stories on my blog in Romanian, but now it’s high time I went international, so join me and my boots in a journey…wherever I’m going! 🙂


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey!!!
    Great to hear about your globe-trotting experiences. I am an alumni from AIESEC in India, and its my dream to travel to atleast 50 different countries during my life-time, i have been planning a Europe Backpacking trip since over a year, but unfortuntely, nothing has worked out yet, due to other committments bogging me down… But your blogs are inspiring, I have only been to Turkey on a student exchange program and China for Business as of now, had a visa for Romania for a day while in transit to Turkey, but i wasn’t allowed to leave the airport due to some unfortunate unrest in the city at that time(1996)… I was supposed to go to Macedonia for a PBOX way back in 2004, but it got cancelled at their end, reading about Macedonia in your blogs, makes me disappointed i missed it…
    If ever you’re in India, and you need any kind of help/assistance, you can contact me on my email manish,agarwal.k@gmail.com
    I came across your link on LinkedIn, just in case you’re wondering.

    • Hey, Manish!
      Thanks for the comment! It’s nice to bump into AIESECers or alumni in every corner of the world. In 2008 I was in Barcelona, working for AIESEC in one of the LCs there and I was proudly wearing a Tshirt from AIESEC Craiova (Romania), my home LC. A random girl approached me on the street, saying she was also an AIESECer from Colombia visiting Spain. So I’m happy every time I get in touch with people from this organization.
      Be sure I’ll contact you if I ever make it to India and you should also let me know when you manage to come to Romania! 🙂

  2. Definitely Dana, i hope i can call you Dana… 😉 EUROPE is a dream destination, but too expensive… phew… so i was hoping to do a back-packing trip or something, roughing it up basically, to be able to see as much as i can… I have friend in Romania, who was an intern in my LC, thanks to AIESEC, i’ve friends in half the world, I’m sure you know what i mean… It would be awesome to meet you… hopefully soon, if i can actually accomplish to make that trip to Europe, come to think of it, i’m also open to an internship in Europe/South Americas, if you know any current AIESEC’ers who could help me, that would be awesome…

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