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Child of my parents and sister of Oana. I have few and good friends, because it’s hard to get there, but it might be worth it. Restless traveller. Obsessed-with-order person. More than perfect is not a grammatical tense, but a purpose in life. AIESEC alumna. Internetoholic. Make silence, not noise!

Ohrid Travel Guide. Part IV: Saint Naum

Saint Naum (Sveti Naum) is a village located 25-30 km from Ohrid (depending on the chosen means of transportation), situated right next to the Albanian border. Besides the monastery bearing the same name, which is one of the main tourist attractions in the area, St Naum also offers tourists a beachy strip of sand, a souvenirs alley, a traditional restaurant and – what impressed me the most – the extraordinary springs of Lake Ohrid and the Black Drim river. But let’s take each at a time!

Boat from Ohrid to St Naum

Boat from Ohrid to St Naum

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Stunning timelapse video of Craiova, Romania

2 passionate and talented men, 15.000 photos taken during several months, 25 locations and 1 stunning  timelapse video as a result. Graphic designer Victor Șoșea and photographer Bogdan Dănescu from my hometown are the authors of a cool timelapse photography project that promotes one of the biggest and most important Romanian cities (and one of the most interesting ones, I might add, developing at a fast pace): Craiova. You can read my views on the city here, but there’s a reason people say a picture is worth a thousand words. Enjoy! 🙂

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Paris by Night – Photo Essay

Paris is always a wonderful destination, be it for art lovers (or just lovers), fashion addicts, gourmands or simply avid travellers. Though I had the chance to see it twice – each time with different eyes -, during my past visit I took a night stroll that revealed the beauty of the city under the lovely winter lights. Here’s my photo essay Paris by Night!

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50 shades of Romania

As tourists, we choose to visit certain destinations due to one, two or more things that respective place can offer to us. Usually, we are charmed by combinations of reasons, such as a country’s natural attractions and sport/adventure infrastructure, characteristic urban architecture, vivid nightlife and possibility for shopping, or picturesque rural areas, great cuisine and amazing cultural landscape, just to give some examples. From this point of view, Romania is an unusual tourist attraction, as it surprises tourists with such a wide palette of options for things to do, see and experience that any vacation here will seem too short. If you’re curious what some of the things you can do here are, I’ve prepared a list. Long. Unusually long.

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Ohrid Travel Guide. Part III: The Lake

If you were patient enough to bear with me the long road to Ohrid and if you enjoyed the Old Town, as well as my stories, it means we’re on the right track. Today, in the third chapter of my Ohrid travel guide, we’ll talk about what it actually is the core and main reason why this small town is so charming: Lake Ohrid.

Lake Ohrid

Lake Ohrid

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