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Discovering historical Bulgaria and Serbia

Many people – let’s call them tourists, not travellers – have this tendency to identify a country to its capital. You’ll often hear them say: I visited Bucharest, so I visited Romania. No, the fact that you visited Bucharest means you visited Bucharest, the capital of Romania, that is only one city of Romania, but there are countless other things that you can discover there (other cities, villages, fortresses, castles, palaces, museums, monasteries, mountains, lakes, resorts, the seaside and so on and so forth). I’m stating this because this Friday (April 5th) I’m leaving with a group in a trip around Bulgaria and Serbia, to discover some hidden historical gems that one should not miss especially if they live or get to this part of the planet.

Below I’ve shared our itinerary, pointing out some useful and interesting info on the places we’re going to see:

Day 1 (340 km): Craiova (Romania) – Portile de Fier II-Djerdap II border between Romania and Serbia – Zajecar (Here you should visit Felix Romuliana UNESCO site in Gamzigrad. We visited last year and it’s worth the shot if you’re into history / archaeology) – Zajecar-Kula border between Serbia and Bulgaria – Belogradchik (Here we will visit the city, Kaleto fortress and the unique, strangely shaped rock formations) – Rabisha (The second stop for the day, to visit the famous Magura Cave with prehistorical mural paintings) – Vidin (Tour of the city, walk along the Danube’s bank and accommodation for the night). Continue reading

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Top 10 Things To Visit in Milan

I visited Milan – the capital of Lombardy in Italy – only once, in November 2009, but the fact that it was one of my first trips on my own (no parents, friends, travelling companions, nada) made me thoroughly document myself and research a lot about the things that I was about to see, experience and live for the couple of days I had available for discovering the city. And I really enjoyed it, especially due to the characteristic Italian architecture and art that surrounded me at every step. So I decided I must return someday… Recently, Wizzair low-cost airline introduced a flight that directly links my hometown, Craiova, to Milan, so I immediately took advantage of the situation and bought tickets … for my parents for September. Though I really wanted to see Milan again, I grabbed the opportunity to go to Rome this year (stay tuned for tons of articles and photos this June) and passed my mum & dad the chance to get to see Italy’s second-largest city.

As when travelling it’s good to book the flights / accommodation a long time before your actual departure, last weekend I was browsing to find some cheap and cosy hotels for my folks. And while we were all the family in the living room looking at hotel pics, searching for hotels on the map etc, my dad asked me to make them a list with Top 10 things they should visit in Milan in 2 days. Based entirely on my own experiences (and probably leaving aside all the cool things that I didn’t try while there), here’s the first part of my Top 10, from top to bottom: Continue reading

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The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament 2013

Every year, travel blogger Anil Polat aka foXnoMad organizes on his blog a tournament for finding the most attractive tourist destination of the year, based entirely on his readers’ proposals and votes. After an interesting route, the 2013 competition has now reached the semifinals, where Bucharest (Romania), Granada (Spain), Sibiu (Romania) and Buenos Aires (Argentina) fight for a seat at the winners’ table. But before this, let’s wrap up the previous rounds to see what duels were on!


1. Nominations – February 26th – 28th

Anil’s readers and subscribers had the chance to propose their favourite city. At the end, around 74 cities were proposed.

2. Preliminary voting – February 28th – March 3rd

The public had the chance to vote for 10 cities to help Anil establish the order of each city in the competition. First 54 cities went directly to the Round of 64. Continue reading

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Why #MyBBB

For those of you who have not heard about it yet, #MyBBB – My Biggest Baddest Bucket List, organized by My Destination, is one of the biggest travel competitions in the world, where participants run for the unique chance to win a 6 months trip around the world and a $50,000 prize. And with such a prize, it would have been quite difficult for me to stay away. So I didn’t.

I entered the competition for two main reasons. The first one is self-explanatory – any person who loves travelling should have signed up, taking into consideration the fabulous prize. The second one is more personal, more subjective, and it has to do with my patriotic love for my beautiful country. I wanted to promote Romania as a tourist destination, this being the reason I chose Bucharest as host city for shooting the video and Făgăraș Mountains as setting for the story that made up my entry in the competition. Continue reading

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Getting started

Getting started is harder than I would have expected, as there are so many things I was planning to “attack” on my first blog post that I should probably write a postzilla to get to only mention the hundredth part of them. So I am just going to skip this and keep it simple.

In Romania we have this proverb, when we do things for the first time, which says that one should take a stone in his/her mouth. I don’t know the meaning of this, why putting a stone in your mouth is in any way related to doing a certain activity for the first time or setting foot to a new place. However, it is so rooted in my subconscience that whenever I’m in this situation, especially when I’m travelling to a place I haven’t been before, it’s almost like my inner self whispers to me (and now read this in a ghost’s voice) “you should take a stoooone in your mooouth.” I never do, but anyway…

So here I am, in front of your greedy eyes, writing my very first post on this blog. Suggestions for stones (colour, shape, size, texture etc)? 😀

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