Why #MyBBB

For those of you who have not heard about it yet, #MyBBB – My Biggest Baddest Bucket List, organized by My Destination, is one of the biggest travel competitions in the world, where participants run for the unique chance to win a 6 months trip around the world and a $50,000 prize. And with such a prize, it would have been quite difficult for me to stay away. So I didn’t.

I entered the competition for two main reasons. The first one is self-explanatory – any person who loves travelling should have signed up, taking into consideration the fabulous prize. The second one is more personal, more subjective, and it has to do with my patriotic love for my beautiful country. I wanted to promote Romania as a tourist destination, this being the reason I chose Bucharest as host city for shooting the video and Făgăraș Mountains as setting for the story that made up my entry in the competition.

I started this adventure aiming, first of all, for my entry to reach as many people as possible. My initial goal was to gather 1,000 votes. I didn’t and probably won’t by the end of the contest (I’m still lingering at around 560). Then I changed my goal and set myself to promote my entry until my Bucharest video gathers 1,000 views of YouTube. It didn’t, but probably soon will. From all these voters, supporters, watchers and readers, I hope at least 1% knew nothing about Romania and got curious to check out more about what they could do in a holiday here after seeing my entry. Then I’ll consider myself a winner.

If you want to help me win (either the trip or just the satisfaction of having successfully contributed to Romania’s image as a tourist destination), you can vote for me by clicking on the banner and sharing the page to your social networks. Mulțumesc (mool-tsoo-mesk) – thank you, that is!

Help me win the trip of a lifetime

Help me win the trip of a lifetime


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