Getting started

Getting started is harder than I would have expected, as there are so many things I was planning to “attack” on my first blog post that I should probably write a postzilla to get to only mention the hundredth part of them. So I am just going to skip this and keep it simple.

In Romania we have this proverb, when we do things for the first time, which says that one should take a stone in his/her mouth. I don’t know the meaning of this, why putting a stone in your mouth is in any way related to doing a certain activity for the first time or setting foot to a new place. However, it is so rooted in my subconscience that whenever I’m in this situation, especially when I’m travelling to a place I haven’t been before, it’s almost like my inner self whispers to me (and now read this in a ghost’s voice) “you should take a stoooone in your mooouth.” I never do, but anyway…

So here I am, in front of your greedy eyes, writing my very first post on this blog. Suggestions for stones (colour, shape, size, texture etc)? 😀


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