Colours of Chalkidiki

The bluest blue and greenest green, / most charming place I’ve ever seen.

For years I’ve postponed visiting Greece, even though there are less than 600km separating my home city, Craiova, to the Aegean Sea. It seemed to me too close, too mainstream and too accessible to put it at the top of my To Visit list. I prefered to go to faraway places, such as Stockholm, or visit certain countries or cities, such as Ohrid (Macedonia), for example, for four times in one year, but never find time and courage to enter the land of the Gods. Yes, courage, because at some points I felt there is too much of Greece to get to see, understand and appreciate during a short trip. I was afraid going to one place might make me fall so in love with the natural beauties and man-made monuments of this country that I would constantly wish to go back for more, to return to see every time something else, something more. And I was not mistaken!

I spent Easter with a group of (cool) friends in Chaniotis, a tourist town on the Kassandra branch of Chalkidiki Peninsula. I am not too much of a beach/sea/sun person, so before getting there I was quite sure the beach would be just like any other common beach in the world, the water just like any other water of any other sea in the world and so on. Here’s what I actually got:

Fabulous landscapes – water, sand, mountains, wood, all combined in a perfect image that kept asking me to photograph it.

Chalkidiki landscapes

Surreal blue water (the photo was taken on Portocalis/Orange Beach, on Sithonia Branch of the peninsula)

Portocalis Beach, Sithonia Branch, Chalkidiki Peninsula

Great restaurants with perfect view – such as Thea Thalassa in Afitos

Thea Thalassa Restaurant in Afitos

Incredibly tasty local food

Sea food

More photos on my Facebook page! (Don’t forget to like it!)

Have you ever been to Greece? Which part of the country did you like more and why?


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