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Ohrid Travel Guide. Part III: The Lake

If you were patient enough to bear with me the long road to Ohrid and if you enjoyed the Old Town, as well as my stories, it means we’re on the right track. Today, in the third chapter of my Ohrid travel guide, we’ll talk about what it actually is the core and main reason why this small town is so charming: Lake Ohrid.

Lake Ohrid

Lake Ohrid

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Ohrid Travel Guide. Part II: The Old Town

After taking together the road to Ohrid, we have finally made it to this beautiful Macedonian town. If we were to follow the logical sequence of events, I’d now have to write about the next thing we usually do when we get to a destination, which is finding accommodation. However, before all that, I’d like to charm you with the beauty of the place and only after to bore you with the logistic details (accommodation, food, clubs etc). So the second part of this little Ohrid travel guide will lead us through millenia of continuous civilization, overlapped on what we now know as the old town. Let’s start, thus, the tour of the town, and I’ll be your guide for its whole duration.

First step is to arm ourselves with a map of the town. Because I’m a big fan of maps I find on the internet, I recommend you to print this map and take it with you. In Ohrid I identified four main attractions that you shouldn’t miss: the old town (situated on a hill), the port, the Riviera (a low, asphalted waterfront) and Carsija (the main walking & shopping street). All four unite, according to the map, at the entrance in the harbour (the central area of the city), where we’ll start climbing to the old town. Don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes, something to cover your head and a bottle of water (if you’re visiting during the summer), your camera for taking pictures and your attention to listen to the history and legends. 🙂 Continue reading

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Ohrid Travel Guide. Part I: The Road

Macedonia is one of the most under-appreciated European countries I’ve visited and one that it would be a shame to leave out whenever you’re making a list of destinations to visit. About the country as a whole I won’t tell you very much, as you’ll find a comprehensive description on Wikipedia. Quite small, both as surface and population, not very developed, nor very rich, Macedonia offers, though, some extremely beautiful landscapes, as it benefits from several mountain chains, lakes and natural parks that its people knew how to protect, exploit and turn to profit. I will only linger upon Ohrid (the city and the lake), one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, where I have already been four times and where I’d gladly go again and, most important, that I will always recommend and promote whole-heartedly!

As a whole month won’t be enough for me to write my travel thoughts on Ohrid, I’ll try to divide my guide in several chapters, each of which will, of course, be a postzilla! The first one is about preparing the trip to Macedonia and the road to Ohrid. I’ll review some places that worth being visited on the way, and include useful info on the state of the roads, useful documents, customs, and all sorts of recommendations. Before leaving home, make sure you have in your pocket your ID card (if you are a citizen of a EU member state or of the signatories to the Schengen Agreement; otherwise a password and a visa may be needed). If you come by car and cross Serbia on your way to Ohrid, make sure the green card of your car is also valid for this two countries. Continue reading

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